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Bath and Body Works November Haul!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

As a young lady who is obsessed with the flickering flames and delightful aromas that are associated with candles, I could not go through the month of November without buying a stash for the upcoming holidays. 
I did careful scent research before deciding on the candles that I needed to have for the month of December. I wanted candles that would add to the Winter Wonderland decorations that will be everywhere around my apartment.

My first purchase at Bath and Body works, surprisingly enough, had nothing to do with candles! Last year, I bought a pair of cozy shea infused lounge socks that looked like a pair of candy canes. I was in love with wearing them around the apartment to keep my feet toasty and soft. To my great disappointment, I could not find them anywhere this year and decided to purchase a replacement pair. Although there were no candy canes prints in stock, I settled for a pair of snowmen that smile at me every time I look down at my feet. 
My first winter candle purchase involved two of Bath and Body works mason jar candles. I love the packaging on these lovelies. They remind me of the packaging for homemade jams. I smelled every mason jar candle multiple times and decided on two; Fresh Balsam and Cinnamon Frosting. 
Fresh Balsam was a no brainer choice. If you love the scent of your Christmas tree, but feel like you can’t really smell the aroma unless you’re sticking your entire face in the tree, this is the perfect solution! It fills the entire room with that signature “Christmas Tree” scent that signifies the holiday season has begun. 

The other mason jar candle I grabbed was Cinnamon Frosting. Cinnamon Frosting is described as a “scrumptious scent of grated cinnamon and cloves, vanilla bean and whipped buttercream”. The scent of cinnamon and sugary buttercream reminded me of the gingerbread cookies I used to eat around the holidays and is a perfect mix up to the Fresh Balsam tree scent. 
Now onto the BIG candles! Thankfully, I bought these three candles during a 2 for $22 online sale so each candle only cost $11. Talk about a reasonable price for candles that can burn up to 45 hours!

I bought a big version of the Fresh Balsam candle to have a backup for my Christmas tree scent needs.

I also bought a big version of Vanilla Snowflake. Vanilla Snowflake is described as a mixture of “creamy vanilla, winter mint and a touch of coconut” and I think it lives up to its description. It is reminiscent of a large batch of white chocolate peppermint bark.

The last big candle I decided to get is ‘Tis the Season. It is a major staple in my holiday candle collection! The scent is described as “red apples, green pine and a touch of golden cider” but they should really just call it "Scents o' Christmas". It combines all the best of the holidays; From apple picking, to Christmas trees, to drinking cider by the fire, ‘Tis the season is by far my favorite candle during the holidays!
I can’t wait to start lighting these delicious scents, but have promised myself to wait until after Thanksgiving…so I am counting down the days!!

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