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Lush November Haul

Saturday, November 23, 2013

I have been obsessed with Lush for quite awhile now. I love taking long luxurious baths to calm my frazzled nerves after a tough week. 

This week was no different. My sister and I popped into Lush last night while we were meandering the streets after eating dinner at the Tipsy Pig. We wandered around the store as the sales girl tried to direct my sister to different products that she might enjoy. I, however, need no help and immediately head to look at all the Christmas bath bombs! I sniffed and smelled and sniffed again and finally decided on two of their Christmas themed bath bombs and one of their year round bath bombs.

I gravitated towards the Bombardino bath bomb because of its cute look, but picked it because of its incredible smell. Inspired by a hot apr├Ęs-ski drink, Bombardino is said to be the perfect treat to enjoy after a long day. It smells delicious and good enough to eat. It's like enjoying a decadent dessert without any of the calories.

The other Christmas bomb that I knew I needed immediately was Lush's Golden Wonder. Described as a 'luxurious champagne soak,' Golden Wonder is as exciting as opening a gift early on Christmas Eve. The secret gifts inside never fail to surprise me as I watch this big bomb swirl around the tub.  

The last bath bomb I decided to purchase was Lush's Phoenix Rising. Phoenix Rising smells like a tall glass of hot apple cider and is the perfect thing to warm you up on a cold winter day. I love the way that this bath bomb sinks to the bottom of the tub and slowly rises up, washing away all previous mistakes so that you can hop out of the bath fresh and new. 

As Thanksgiving draws closer, so does preparation for Black Friday. As a post-Thanksgiving tradition, my sister and mom all wake up before the sun is up and hit some of our favorite stores for Black Friday's early deals and this year will be no different. To prepare our skin for this exceptionally long day, my sister and I each picked out a face mask to put on before we hit the hay Thanksgiving night. 

I smelled every Fresh Face mask that this particular Lush still had available and decided on Catastrophe Cosmetic. It smells deeply of blueberries, which is delicious, and is described as the perfect mask for those still figuring out the needs of their skin. I think this is great for changing seasons. As the weather drifts from warm to cold, my face has been freaking out trying to adjust to the changing climate. I think this will be a great remedy to calm and correct my skin care routine and I can't wait to try it out!

If you would like to see any demos of the Lush products I showed, leave a note in the comments below!

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  1. i tried one of their products and i was satisfied. reading your post gives me a good idea about how other products of this brand are going to be. thanks.


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