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November Favorites (Urban Decay, Pressed Juicery, Bath & Body Works and more!)

Friday, December 6, 2013

Alas, I am a week late in posting this, but I very much wanted to show off my November favorites! This month, I had very diverse obsessions. I was thoroughly enjoying the last of Autumn before Winter sets in. (As I type, it is pouring rain and icy cold outside)

One of my absolute favorites this month was Bath & Body Works Cider Lane candle. The candle was  a great mix of cider and caramel and kept the entire room bathed in cider scent! It was a perfect compliment to the fall scene of apple picking. 

My second favorite item from the month of November was actually a fall inspired beverage! Pressed Juicery, a cold pressed fresh juice company, added some delicious fall flavors to their menu and I could not have been more excited! My favorite flavor turned out to be a twist on the classic apple cider (noticing a theme here? ;)) They combined apples, cinnamon and persimmons to delight my tastebuds and put me in the festive fall mood. These juices are also great for quick pick me ups when you've eaten too much junk food or you can do juice cleanses to kickstart your healthy eating!

Twitter: @PressedJuicery 

My third favorite item from this month was the Naked Basics palette from Urban Decay. I recently showed this in a Sephora haul post, but since then I have used it every single day. I prefer matte shades in the day-to-day and sparkly shades for more celebratory events and this is perfect for an everyday look. I promise if you enjoy matte shadows that are highly pigmented, then you will thoroughly enjoy this palette!

My last favorite item for the month of November might be one of my favorites for all of Winter. When I traveled home for Thanksgiving, my mother had a small pile of parcels waiting for me to open! Amidst the pile was a large box that held matching adult Nick & Nora Sock Monkey onesie pj's for my sister and myself. I remembered having onesie pj's when I was small and I absolutely loved them! It seemed to be the only thing I could wear that would keep my feet toasty and warm at night and these were no exception! Red and White stripes trailing down to little Sock Monkey feet, simply adorable. It was just icing on the cake that my sister and I got to be matching in them! If you would cherish a pair of your own, then check out your local Target! There are tons of patterns to choose from and they will keep you warm throughout the cold Winter.

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