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Product Rave: Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Wash & Buttercream

Sunday, February 23, 2014

I had read a million and one reviews on the Soap & Glory Sugar Crush body line. I had even looked it up online to see where it was sold in the United States, but I had never pulled the trigger to buy it. Little did I know, it was on its way to the U.S. through Sephora! I walked into Sephora one day and was so excited to see it on the Soap & Glory shelf that I immediately picked it up and sniffed it. I instantly knew what everyone was raving about. The scent is delightfully delicious and reminds me of a margarita with strong notes of lime juice and brown sugar. I wanted it right then and there, but the price tag was a bit steep at $20 a tub for the body buttercream ($16 for the body wash). I only buy the Body Shop butters when they're on sale for $10 so I sadly placed it back on the shelf and shuffled out of the store. I revisited the scent again and again until I had a particularly bad day recently and decided I needed a treat! I purchased both the buttercream and the body wash so that I could have a daily pick me up in my shower essentials. I am so glad that I purchased these two products. The body wash has the same great scent as the buttercream and is perfect to use as a pre-shave soap for my legs. It also lathers up really nicely. I have been told it can be used as a bubble bath in times of need, but I have yet to test out that theory. On the other hand, the body buttercream keeps you moisturized throughout the day and the scent stays with you too! I admit, I've been caught sniffing my arm like a weirdo when I'm out and about. I just love the scent that much! I don't think I will be able to revert back to using any other buttercream anytime soon. I'm a Sugar Crush convert! Thank you Soap & Glory for making these amazing products! I highly recommend everyone who loves margaritas (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) to go and sniff out these products! 

Drybar Bestie Instagram Prize!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Many of you will have heard of the amazing blow dry bar, Drybar! It is by far my favorite place to get my hair done for an evening out, a special event or just when my hair/self needs a bit of a pick me up. A Drybar experience is the total package. They have an array of flat screen t.v.s along the wall that play a variety of guilty pleasure movies to put you in the girly girl mood, accompanied by the newest girly mags so you can learn the latest beauty/fashion tips & tricks. They even offer you champagne while you get your hair done!
Drybar recently held a contest looking for the best #DrybarBestie on Instagram! They asked users to "Post a pic to Instagram of your best friend (or any lady in your life) and why she should win a "Small Box Big Hair". The winning nomination would receive a travel pack of essentials from Drybar. Little did I know, my sister had nominated me! The Drybar judging team had difficulty picking just one winner so they gave out prizes to all those who had been nominated. I didn't even know until it was over. My sister quickly called me on my way to work and told me to check Instagram asap! I was so excited to learn that I was nominated and won, but slightly sad that I hadn't known about it sooner so I could have nominated my sister right back. After all, she was the amazing lady who paid for my very first Drybar blowout! I wish she could have won too!

After getting over my slight disappointment, I started to look forward to the arrival of my "Small Box, Big Hair" prize box. I was not disappointed! It's the perfect size for doing your hair on the go. The Happy Hour shampoo and conditioner are hotel toiletry size at 1 oz each and are great for travel! I can't wait to take them with me on my next trip. The kit also came with a travel size bottle of Southern Belle volumizing mousse. If you know me, you know my love of volumizing mousses and I have more than once had to leave a full size bottle behind when I went to airport because I was unable to sneakily get it through security. This little Southern Belle bottle is a lifesaver! The kit also came with a travel size of their Money Maker flexible hold hairspray. This whole kit is a teeny bundle of hair greatness and I am so glad that I am able to try it out! 

Lush Valentine's Day Haul! February 2014

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

While undeniably belated, I feel it is my duty to showcase the Valentine's Day Lush haul that I picked up. I chose three items from their Valentine's day selections, opting out of getting the shower gel (I have way too many at the moment) and the bar soap. I chose instead two of their themed massage bars and one LARGE Bath Bomb. 

Tender is the Night ($11.95)

The first item that I chose was the Tender is the Night massage bar. Made with the scent of Vanilla Orchid, this massage bar is large in size and the scent reminds me of another Lush favorite, the 'Heavanilli' massage bar. What's great about this bar versus the Heavanilli is that there is no red stain to rub off on you or your clothes while you massage! The scent of vanilla and ylang ylang make this the perfect after bath treat for a pamper evening in and the size makes sure it will endure for many massages to come!

Close to You ($7.95)
The second item that I chose from the Lush Valentine's Day collection was the Close to You scrumptious vanilla bar. I am VERY on the fence about this particular item. It is a smooshable massage bar that is supposed to be excellent for one long entire body massage. I absolutely LOVED the scent, which was described as shortbread and raspberry jam. However, I could not get past the bright pink tint that the massage bar put on everything I owned. My hands could not be washed free of the pink and my bathrobe met a similar pink fate. On the bright side, all clothing that was covered in odd pink spots came clean in the washing machine. Although there was no permanent damage, I won't be purchasing the colored concoction from next year's collection for fear of the color pink attacking me again.

Love Locket ($10.95)

Saving the best for last gives you Lush's Love Locket bath bomb! While this bomb is pricy at $10.95, it can be broken up into three different baths, which puts each bomb at a little around $3.60 which is a bath bomb bargain! I'm a girl who loves surprises so I could barely wait to get home and crack my bomb open to see what was shaking around inside. I used a knife to carefully cut open this bomb around the edges to discover a teeny heart bomb inside! The lovely scents of jasmine, vanilla and neroli put you in the mood for love as the agar seaweed pink hearts escape and float around you as your bomb whizzes around the tub! I was definitely in love with this pretty pink bath bomb! 
What did you think of Lush's Valentine's Day collection this year?! Sound off in the comments below! 

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