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Lush Easter Haul 2014

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Lush just released their collection for Easter and I hopped to the store the moment I heard! I love their holiday themed collections and this is the year that I am determined to try some from each! Easter was, as you can imagine, decked out in rabbits and eggs galore! Below are three of the goodies that I grabbed during my little haul! Check them out!

The first thing I grabbed in my excitement for Lush Easter was the Bunny Bubble Bar! This little beauty is described as the ultimate Springtime bathing experience with notes of Fairtrade vanilla, coconut oil, and tons of shea butter to soften the skin. What I loved most about this bubble bar, besides that it was big enough to get two baths out of it, was the blue cornflower petals that were in the middle of the bar. They swirled throughout the tub as the bunny bubbles slowly dissipated.
Bunny Bubble Bar 
The second item I quickly snatched up from their Easter collection was The Immaculate Eggception Egg in yellow! It's a massive bath bomb that had a secret surprise inside to discover! If you cut the egg open, you discover an adorable little bunny inside making the bomb big enough for three baths! It's a super delicious scent with notes of ylang ylang, grapefruit and vanilla making it both sweet and energizing. I went for the buttercream yellow egg, but this delightful bath bomb also comes in pink, with a different colored surprise inside! At about $13, it is not a cheap bath bomb, but given that you get three baths out of one bomb, it's definitely worth it!
The Immaculate Eggception - Yellow
Bunch of Carrots is a batch of the most delicious smelling vegetables ever. Although you can't really eat it, you can swirl this reusable bubble bar around your tub to create big bubbles and release an edible scent of bergamot, black currant and lemon. They say your bunch should be good for seven baths, which makes them well worth the expensive price tag. Bunch of Carrots was actually my favorite scent by far and I can't wait to try them out again and again!
Bunch of Carrots

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