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Birchbox Unboxing - July 2014

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

I loved the theme of the box this month, Power up! I think it's a great kickstart to getting into a new workout grove and a new health kick. I've just started trying to eat a bit healthier and get a tad more exercise so this was a perfect time for me to Power up!
 I really liked the diversity of this birchbox. There were a variety of products for my nails, skin, body and lips. I couldn't wait to get home that evening to try everything out!
Skyn Iceland Hydro Cool Firming Eye Gels
Birchbox Take: An exclusive blend of Icelandic glacial water, Arctic cloudberry and cranberry seed oils, pure molecular oxygen, and six essential minerals deliver much-needed nutrients, energy, and healthy fats, helping to protect skin and restore its healthy glow. Ginko biloba leaf extracts reduces puffiness and dark circles by improving blood flow, while hydrolized elastin tones and firms skin.
My Take: I have yet to try these beauties, but I'm so excited to see them in action. I think this will perfect for next Friday where I have a hectic day of travel planned and these would be perfect to use during my late flight. 
NAOBAY Body Radiance Lotion
Birchbox Take: Olive oil, shea butter, and avocado oil deliver serious moisture, while aloe vera soothes and protects skin. More than 98 percent of ingredients in this creamy lotion are natural, and over 19 percent are organic-and like all of Naobay products, it's free of GMOs and made without paragons, formaldehyde, petrochemical, synthetic dyes, and a host of other chemicals that research suggest may come with health risks.
My Take: This felt like a great light body moisturizer. It has a deliciously citrus scent and is a perfect size to throw in my purse to keep moisturized throughout the day.
Marcelle New-Age 8 in 1 Power Serum
Birchbox Take: It's called a power serum for a reason: The lightweight formula boasts five peptides, the amino acids that amp up collagen production and improve elasticity, plus xylitol, a natural sugar alcohol that helps skin retain moisture. These potent ingredients work in eight great ways. When it comes to lines, they smooth, provide a filling effect, and visibly reduce wrinkles. They also firm, life, and strengthen, while working to goose radiance and improve the texture of your complexion. Even better? It does all of this without parabens or fragrance.
My Take: I haven't used this product long enough to see its long-term effects, but it immediately leaves my skin feeling a lot softer and moisturized, which is very important to me in a night-time serum. 
LAQA & Co Sheer Lip Lube Pencil - Bees Knees (Coral)
Birchbox Take: Unlike some glosses that simply provide a nice shine, this lip lube channels softening shea butter, which moisturizes and fills in any unsightly lines, and is infused with refreshing mint. Available in an array of wearable, softly pigmented shades.
My Take: I was slightly disappointed in this sample. I had been coveting my sister's LAQA lip pencil since she first got in a birchbox a while back. It was a beautiful bright red lip pencil that was a perfect size to throw in a small clutch. I wish that I had received one of the lip pencils in lieu of a sheer lip lube. The lip lube is a light coral color and does have a delightful mint scent and feels nice on the lips. I will still hold out for a full color lip pencil, but in the meantime, I can try out some looks to go with my new coral colored lip lube. 
Ruffian The Rapture Collection - Ambrosia
Birchbox Take: This high-end polish is specifically formulated to hold up for days without chipping, so you can rock your (streak-free!) metallic mani all week. An added bonus: The unique shape of the deco-inspired bottle helps us get a good grip on the cap so we can stay inside the lines while painting our nails.
My Take: Sadly, I'm not a huge fan of metallic polishes. I generally go for more solid colors in tune with the changing seasons for nails. Also, I'm not one who  is coordinated enough to do my own nails often so I'm not thrilled with the polish, but I'm sure I can get it to someone who will appreciate its metallic purpley color!


  1. Hi
    Just found your blog! I was actually subscribed to Birchbox for almost a year but then I unsubscribed because I didn't enjoy the products I was getting but this post makes me want to join again. I liking the look of your blog. When I first saw the box I was most excited by the lip product, its unfortunate that it didn't work well! Looking forward to more posts! If you had a moment could you check out my blog:
    I also just followed you on Bloglovin', if you could do the same!

    1. Hey Laura! Actually the lip lube worked pretty well when layered under a coral lipstick. I just love little lip pencils and this is more a tinted gloss!

    2. Hey Laura! Also, bloglovin' i'd be happy to! I didn't notice you on my followers list so i posted the link below to my account!

  2. The lip pencil is such a lovely colour! New follower! X

    1. Your blog is so cute! Love the travel pics, especially of that cute little dog!

  3. I have never signed up for one of these boxes before, I'm definitely considering it :)
    Great post! Would love if you checked out my blog too,
    Ellis x

    1. You should totally do it! I would do some research beforehand and see which box is best for you! These days, there is a box for everything. :) Great blog, love your post on coral lipsticks!


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