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My Top 10 Books to Read

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Reading has always been a sacred activity for me. Growing up, television was only allowed on the weekends so books became my constant companions. As I got older, my love of books became an escape from my world into someone else's. It was a great space for my imagination to run wild as I was transported into each story. That feeling has never changed so my love of books has grown and my book collection has grown with it.
Safe to say, fiction books are my favorite. I much prefer to delve into mythical worlds and the sensational adventures of fictional stories where anything is possible. In that spirit, these are some of the books that I have found myself reading over and over again!  

Pride & Prejudice | A classic for a reason. Every girl can resonate with the extremely independent Elizabeth Bennet as she unknowingly falls in love with the exceptionally proud Mr. Darcy. I especially love reading this book in its Penguin Classics Hardcover. The cover looks beautiful on a bookshelf. I can't wait to collect all of the classics that have this beautiful covers. 

Safe Haven | I have actually never read another Nicholas Sparks book. (pause for dramatics) It's shocked most of my female friends that I have never read The Notebook or The Last Song or many of his other popular novels. I don't know why, but Safe Haven is the only Nicholas Sparks novel I haver ever felt drawn to read. I love imagining the seaside town in which the novel takes place. The book actually has a really powerful plot that was both terrifying and terribly romantic at different points in the story. As my first Nicholas Sparks book, I was quite impressed with Safe Haven.

The White Queen | I love all the novels written by Phillipa Gregory, author of The White Queen. She has been dubbed the 'Queen of Historical Fiction' and she deserves that title in every way. She does her research and makes learning the background of these real historical characters as exciting and engaging as it can possibly be. The White Queen focuses on the life of Elizabeth Woodville, an english commoner who fell in love with and married the King of England. It follows her rise to power and her struggle to stay there. If you love historical fiction, pick up any book written by Phillipa, you will not be sorry!

A Great & Terrible Beauty | I actually was first given this book in high school by the author Libba Bray. She came to speak to our english class about her novel, which none of us had actually read yet so none of us could ask more than general questions. After she left, I immediately pulled open the book and began to read and could not put it down. I ran into many people in the hallways of my high school whilst reading this book. The plot revolves around sixteen year old Gemma Doyle and her departure from India to an English boarding school after the suspicious death of her mother. There, she begins having these frightening clairvoyant visions and learns that her new school may know a lot more about her abilities and the history of her family than they let on.

The Great Gatsby | Another classic that I have never got tired of is The Great Gatsby. The 1920's, the large parties and the terribly tragic romances make this a book to re-read over and over again. It's probably one of the most powerful books I have ever read. 

The American Heiress | Marrying not for money, but for an English title. This book follows Cora Cash as her mother marries her off to an English Duke to give her societal status that their family's wealth could not buy. This book is a perfect read for a cold day as you dive into the newly married life of Cora Cash as she figures out the societal do's and don't's of being the wife of an English Duke who is harboring his own hidden secrets. 

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones | One of my favorite series to read over & over. This book is the first in The Mortal Instruments series that centers around a race known as Nephilim, part angel and part human demon hunters. The story follows Clary Fray as she finds out about a secret that her mother has been harboring since she was a baby; that she and everyone in her family is in fact a part of this hidden Nephilim race known as Shadowhunters. Such a great series for those who love fantasy fiction, I have never got tired of re-reading these books anytime I find myself in need of an epic adventure. 

Beautiful Creatures | For those who love witches and coming of age stories, grab a copy of Beautiful Creatures for a summer read! A great book for those looking for a supernatural romance! The main character, Lena Duchannes, is a young witch who forbiddingly falls in love with a mortal boy. She is also dealing with a tricky issue of turning of age in her magical family and having to choose to be a light witch or dark witch. 

The House of Mirth | I do love my classics and Edith Wartons' The House of Mirth is among my favorites. I love the plot of this book that follows the main character Lily Bart as she tries to find a man of wealth to marry to keep herself in the lifestyle that she has become accustomed to. Her life takes a societal downturn due to several scandals and bad circumstances and the book focuses on her fight to get back her place in high society. 

Gossip Girl | Everyone has heard of the show, but have you read the books? The books came out years before the show ever took place and I was obsessed with them. I own the whole series and around every six months, I pick up the first book and start reading through them all over again. The author does a fantastic job at developing these characters that are living in a privileged New York society.

Have some favorite novels of your own that you find yourself reading over and over again? Please share them with me in the comments below! I always love finding new books to get lost in!

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