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Weekend In Review

Thursday, August 7, 2014

This past weekend, I made a plan to break up my usual food routine. I have been in a complete weekend rut for the past couple months, going to the same cafes and brunch spots over and over again. While these spots are delicious and have some of my favorite things in town, going to the same spots all the time leaves no room for spontaneity and adventure! In keeping with that theme, I decided to venture to a new brunch spot with my boyfriend on Saturday. We headed to Stable Cafe, a healthy, farm-fresh food style cafe that had a ton of outdoor seating! I opted for Stable eggs, which were two sunny side up eggs, salami, asparagus and toast. I have NEVER had asparagus as a part of my breakfast, but I was surprised how much I liked it. It was a great way to get a jump start on eating my veggies for the day! My boyfriend chose the yoghurt, granola, fruit combo, which looked equally delicious as I glanced over at his bowl, so many fresh fruits!

How cool does this exterior look? I was kinda obsessed and ended up taking about a dozen photos, which made me look a little like a crazy tourist. 
On Sunday, I had a Sephora VIB Rouge Reception that I went to with my sister. Afterwards, I explained my rut like food dilemma and we both decided that we would venture to a brunch spot that neither of us had been to before. We ro-sham-bo'd between two different establishments and landed on Café Des Amis!

What I love about brunch is that you don't have to choose between breakfast and lunch type foods. I am free to choose whatever my stomach/brain wants at the time. That is how I ended up with the random combination of French Onion Soup, a cappuccino, a Bellini and a slice of brie with some cranberry wheat bread and mixed seasoned nuts. However odd it may seem, it was utterly delicious and I left a happy camper. 
I needed somewhere to shoot my Outfit of the Day and the Cafe Des Amis exterior with its black paint and green shubbery was an awesome backdrop to make my stripes and whites really pop.

Since the weather in San Francisco was abysmally dark and grey, we took a quick trip over the bridge to Sausalito and lo and behold, the sun appeared! We headed to a familiar spot, Bar Bocce, against my new spot rule, and absorbed the sun, fun and lots of pizza as we watched the cute little boats sway amongst the waves. 

Have you ever gotten into a repetitive food rut? Share any tips with me in the comments below!


  1. I love adventures and what a good way to be a tourist in your own city. Have you ever brunched in North Beach? It's a personal favorite. - Kellie

    1. Thanks Kellie! I've actually never done brunch in North Beach. It's always been a dinner or late lunch. Any places that you'd recommend?

    2. Of course! Obviously North Beach can be a little pricey but I just love Park Tavern. My favorite thing to do is just walk around and find a new place. Sounds like what you do too! Hope to see you out there! - Kellie

    3. Thanks for sharing Kellie! I officially have a new weekend mission. If you see a petite redhead wandering around like she's on the hunt for brunch, stop and say hi! :)


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