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Weekend in Review

Monday, August 11, 2014

This weekend was actually quite busy for me, but in between running here and there, I made sure to make room for delicious food and fun activities. First stop was for food and coffee! My boyfriend's favorite coffee place in the city is Linea Caffe. He goes there so often they know him by name and the staff is always super nice! The cafĂ© is quite small with a few tables for outdoor seating. One of the cool things about Linea, besides their award-winning coffee, is that the shop teamed up with this waffle making company called Lt. Waffle. Not only can you grab your favorite caffeinated beverage, but you can also grab a gourmet brussels style waffle while you're there! We've never had time to stop for brunch before so I was excited to finally get the chance. I went for the Fried Egg, Bacon & Marmalade butter waffle while my boyfriend opted for the Yogurt, Fresh peaches and Spearmint waffle. We swapped bites and they were both equally delicious. This place makes a darn good waffle! 
After brunch, we stopped by Blu Dot, a cute modern furniture shop, to finally order the household item that I have been wanting for months, a desk! I spend most, almost all, of my nights at my boyfriend's apartment. He has a two bedroom apartment to himself, while I live in a house with four other roommates so it makes sense in terms of the need for privacy and more personal space. I generally don't mind, except for certain days when I fall into a sad funk feeling like a nomad, wandering between homes. My apartment doesn't feel like my apartment because I'm never there and his place doesn't feel like mine because I don't exactly have a space in it that is all my own. My boyfriend came up with the idea of getting me my own desk for the home office. I generally work at his house in the living room, on the couch, which isn't exactly conducive to productivity. My papers end up strewn all over, the television always becomes an easy distraction and the couch is just too comfy to work for too long. Finally, I'll have a space to call my own. (squeal!!!) I've already picked out a couple must have pieces from Design Darling to decorate my new desk so stay tuned for more pics!
Delicious fancy breakfast toast at The Mill. Josey Baker Bread is incredibly delicious!
Stripes on my shirt & Swallows on my shoes
As the sun started to peak out from behind the clouds, we decided to take a little venture to Billy Goat Hill, a cute spot above Noe Valley that has amazing views of the city and a fun rope swing to pass the time! If you're in San Francisco, make sure to go check it out!  

Did you all have a fun weekend? Find any cool new spots in your city? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. sounds like a wonderful weekend! Your pictures are beautiful!

    1. Thank Gaia! It was quite a nice weekend. I can't wait to see my new desk! I'll be stalking the UPS guys until it arrives!

  2. Looks like you had a great weekend. So awesome that you'll now be able to have your own space at your boyfriend's place. If he has all that room you should just move in so you don't have to be a nomad anymore! - Kellie

    1. LOL, the thought has crossed our minds, but we're making sure we do it at the right time, for the right reasons! For now, I'm pretty excited for my little desk! I have a ton of little decorations for it!


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