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Weekend in Review

Monday, August 25, 2014

The theme of this weekend was definitely patience. I'm so used to having everything (brunch, coffee, laundry, dry cleaning) done so quickly that waiting more than five minutes for anything seems like an impossible feat. Sad, I know, but this city seems to move pretty fast. This weekend, my boyfriend and I hit a block party in San Francisco. Our main objective was to catch the pasta making demo by Thomas McNaughton, owner & chef of the amazing italian restaurant Flour + Water. He also owns two other restaurants in the area. We got there around 3:30 pm, but the demo didn't start until 4:30 pm so we wandered around the block party for thirty minutes, but then quickly jetted to get seats in the small demo tent. The chef taught us some great techniques for making the best pasta dough and showed how to make two different kinds of filled pastas, cappelletti and agnolotti. 
The pasta making demo was to promote their new flour + water cookbook that is coming out in late September!
Chef McNaughton, himself, teaching some of the skills he teaches in his beginner pasta-making classes.
Fresh Pasta beats dry pasta every single time. Look at these beauties.
After the demo, we headed over the Pizzeria Delfina, a neapolitan pizza restaurant near Tartine. Here is where the patience comes into play. This spot is quite popular, especially in the late afternoon so it took us about an hour to get a table. The only place to stand and hang out is right outside the restaurant, basically taking up the entire sidewalk. Thankfully, I had my lovely boyfriend to entertain me, but boy was I glad when we finally got to sit!
We ordered a much deserved bottle of delicious red wine. It paired beautifully with our starters and pizza!
We ordered some mozzarella, roasted carrots and a delicious broccoli raab pizza.
Everyone who knows me knows that I cannot pass up dessert so we ordered two! We ordered the Belweather Farm Ricotta Cannoli with pistachios and the Baba Rum with Raspberry Coulis. I loved the Baba Rum, which was a sponge pastry that had been dipped in rum liquor, filled with a delicious vanilla bean cream and served with a raspberry sauce! The food was totally worth the long wait!
Sunday, we went to a new brunch spot for us called Central Kitchen, coincidentally another of Thomas McNaughton's restaurants! This was another instance where patience came into play as it took us over an hour to be seated at a table and then another forty minutes until we were served our food. Patiently waiting when you are super hungry is never an easy task. Thankfully, the food did arrive at some point and it was quite tasty.
I ordered the fried chicken eggs benedict, my boyfriend ordered the baked eggs and we shared an heirloom tomato salad. My Fried Eggs benedict was soooo tasty! I could barely bear to share any with my boyfriend, but I did and we decided that I had definitely ordered the better dish. I spent the rest of the afternoon enjoying the warm weather and celebrating my sister's birthday! It was a weekend filled with warm summer sun, a ton of good food and a whole lot of patience! It was a good time out to remind me to appreciate the quick things in life and to remember that sometimes, a good thing takes time.

Did you guys get up to anything fun this weekend? Let me know in the comments!


  1. i need to learn how to make fresh pasta! head on over to my blog i've nominated you for an award! have a great day!


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