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Birchbox Customer Appreciation

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Friday morning at my office and the doorbell rings. In comes a very nice girl in a Birchbox tee. She's carrying a beautiful bouquet of flowers, a bunch of pink and white balloons, and a Birchbox tote bag filled with goodies for me?! This month marks the fourth anniversary of Birchbox and to say thank you to all of their subscribers, they threw their first ever Customer Appreciation Day. Birchbox made surprise deliveries to offices and houses across the country. They also called hundreds of subscribers to tell them how much they were appreciated and to let them know a special package was en route to say thanks! If you were near New York, you could even go to Birchbox Soho and build your own box for free! 
The best part of their Customer Appreciation Day was not the presents, although I was beyond excited to get them and I'm so not giving them back. It was the mere fact that they wanted to do anything at all.  They wanted to create a entire event dedicated to showcasing how much they appreciate their subscribers sticking by them for the past four years. It was an day packed with sweet ideas and thoughtful gestures that made me so happy to be a member of the Birchbox community. 
Look at this incredible flower arrangement. Those Birchbox gals have some great taste!
Some of my readers were curious to know what was in my goodie bag so here it is! The first box that I opened in my goodie bag was the Birchbox for CEW Prestige Headliners box. I am so excited to have gotten this box in my goodie bag. I love using my full sized COOLA Radical Recovery After Sun Lotion as a nighttime moisturizer. It has done great things for my skin. The only problem is that it's a full 6oz and there is no way I can bring it on a plane. I'm so happy to have this little travel sized cutie for my October trip to Michigan. Some of the other great products included in this box were a nighttime miracle moisturizer, a glossing hair cream, a light face oil, a creamy nail polish, a toe separator and even a little handheld mirror. So many fun products that I get to play around with!
The goodie bag also contained the limited edition Modern Mermaid box. Shimmery shades, salty beach waves and waterproof liners make this box perfect for a little mermaid lover like myself.
 Also among the Birchbox goodies was the Smashbox Full Exposure Palette. I'm so excited to get to try out this palette. It has some perfect shades for Fall. Shimmers and mattes so that I can use for both work and play! 
I also pulled out a box containing the Jouer Leopard 'IT' Bag. I don't actually own ANYTHING leopard print so I am happy to have this little bag be the first of many new pieces in my accessories collection.
Three essentials were packed into this little bag. A beautiful dark brown and gold shimmery liner, a creamy pink lipstick and a dark mascara. Great products for an easy and put together look!
One of my favorite items in the bag was the Good Morning Gorgeous Birchbox tee. It is oversized, incredibly comfy and I can never say no to something that greets me every morning by telling me I'm gorgeous. I think I will be sporting this tee quite a lot. All of my Birchbox goodies came in this mint and cream Birchbox tote, which is a perfect tote for a jaunt to the store or a quick day trip.
Did I mention the flowers because, well the flowers, they're just gorgeous. 

I wanted to say a big, big, big thank you to Birchbox for my Friday delivery. I was having a bit of a rough week and I didn't imagine that I would be one of the lucky subscribers to be picked for a little something special. Seriously guys, It totally made my week! You rock!


  1. The flowers are beautiful! Looks like a great box. Lots of fun surprises.

  2. What a sweet gesture! And those flowers really are gorgeous :)

  3. How awesome! I love it when brands do this!

  4. That is an AWESOME way to say thank you! You got some really great swag!

  5. Talk about customer appreciation!!!! This is soooo fab !!! Glad it made your week!!!!

  6. Wow! You got a lot of great stuff! What an awesome company!

  7. What a wonderful treat! So great to see company's that really care and give back to their customers! What a way to make your day!

  8. wow those flowers are just wow, sad i left and missed out on this but it had to be done

  9. Awesome to see an SF winner! I was waiting by my phone the whole day! What a really great goodie bag!

  10. Just WOW! Amazing goodies! I love the flowers. You were spoilt :)

  11. This is so awesome! I'm glad they were able to make your day and show their appreciation to customers!! I'm so sad I had to temporarily unsubscribe because I couldn't afford it anymore!

  12. Wow that is so awesome!! I appreciate companies that show their customers appreciation! It doesn't happen enough! Way to go Birchbox!

  13. What a beautiful bouquet!! I thought this is your recent Birchbox for 2015 but I love discovering this post as well!

    Ursula aka Blueridge Beauty


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