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Tips to Beat the Haircut Stresses

Monday, September 1, 2014

I'm not sure about you guys, but I actually have major anxiety about getting my hair cut. It may be because I've always felt my hair was a big part of my identity or it may also be, in small part, due to a very traumatic hair incident I had as a teenager. Let me tell you the story. 

I was fifteen and it was only two days until the start of my sophomore year of high school. Naturally, I wanted to look really good on the first day as the first day of school was always picture day. My older sister chose just then to decide that she wanted to become a hair stylist and she also decided that I would be her first client. Why didn't I say heck no and run away screaming? I do not know.  Looking back, it would have been the smart plan. As she began setting up all her necessary hair cutting tools, I showed her the picture of the cut I wanted, Hilary Duff circa 2004. Super cool, I know. She assured me she totally knew what she was doing and then out came the ponytail holder. A harmless looking band to hold my very long hair in place, while she did a little initial snip. With a quick cut of the scissors, all the hair that was below the ponytail was cut off and now I was sporting a very short and not at all attractive bob. See, Traumatized!

So it stands to reason that haircuts, even to this day, give me a boatload of anxiety. I'm always worried about being stuck with a cut that I simply hate and have no ability to alter. There's no edit/undo when it comes to cutting your hair. And I hate when people tell you "Oh, don't worry. It will grow back." Yes it will, but it will take ages and, until then, I will have to deal with this mess on the top of my head. After one too many truly terrible cuts, I came up with a few tips to ensure that I keep my haircut stresses to a minimum. 

1. Ask Around. I started asking all of my friends, especially those who always have exceptional hair, where they got their hair cut and the name of their stylist. If they did a great job with your friends hair, chances are they would do a great job for yours. 

2. Be Very Vocal. Although I am NOT a shy person by nature, I tend to get a little shy around stylists and never quite have the voice to speak up and say what I do or do not want. This leads to stylists taking their own interpretations of what you want and you end up with something that is definitely not you, like me and front bangs. Ack, no! I've learned to summon up my words and be VERY vocal when it comes to telling the stylist how I like my hair, my side-swept bangs, the layers, everything. The more they know, the more they can ensure they are giving you the exactly what you want. 

3. Ask For Less. I actually got this tip from a stylist friend of mine after getting another cut that was just a bit too short for my liking. It was what I asked for so I couldn't complain, but I didn't know how short it would actually look until it was all said and done. She suggested that next time, I ask for the stylist to cut an inch longer that I think I want, let them blow-dry and style and then decide if I need them to cut a bit more. This way, I'll never be shocked at the length and if I want to go shorter, I still have that option!

4. Give it a couple days. Change can always be a bit of a shocker for me when it comes to my hair. I'm so used to styling it a certain way that I generally immediately hate the new 'do when I realize that it will probably look and style slightly different than when I went in. I try to reserve all judgement for at least 5 days after the initial cut. I almost always find that I like it a lot more than I thought I would and that the styling is not so different. Go figure! :) 

5. It will grow back. I know I said I hate when people say this and I do, but I like to say it to myself on occasion. When you hear it coming from yourself, it holds a different tune. I think "I know it will grow back, but for now it could be fun to figure out how to try different styles with this cut! I could try out some fun curls or a new kind of braid!" Reminding myself that this cut is only temporary and to focus on the fun parts of having a new 'do helps me realize that it's never the end of the world to get a bad cut.

I hope these tips help any of you who may have serious haircut stresses. Any haircut destress tips of your own? Share them with me in the comments below!


  1. Lovely post about haircuts!! I am always so afraid of speaking up but I think its better to say something if you don't like where the cut is going!
    Amanda |

  2. Have a trusted friend trim 1/2 from the bottom every once in a while. NO trauma!


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