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Product Rave: Minimergency Kits

Friday, November 7, 2014

I’m a girl who likes to be prepared at all times, no matter where I am so it’s no wonder that I fell in love with the Pinch Provisions Minimergency Kits. Having you ever been one to dump out your purse and search through all your various purse pockets hoping to miraculously find a chapstick, mint or tampon, only to be dismayed that you forgot to throw one in your bag? If this has ever occurred to you, then you need to go pick up one of these bags. 

These itty-bitty cases are so small that its crazy to think that they pack 17 one stop shop essentials. Each little kit comes with a mending kit, earring backs, double-sided tape, hair spray, stain-remover, nail polish remover, a deodorant towelette, safety pin, band-aid, advil, breath freshener, dental floss, clear nail polish, emery board, tampon, clear elastics and lip balm. Seriously! All of those fit into this teeny-tiny ultra cute case that comes in a variety of styles and prints. I need to have one in every purse. They even came out with these super cute brides/bridesmaids kits for the big day. I’ll definitely need to check out getting my sister one of these for her wedding, as well as maybe getting a bunch as Christmas stocking stuffers. No girl should be without! 

p.s. I got this red one from Nordstrom's and it is so freaking cute!

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