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February Favorites

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Bath & Body Works Island Margarita Pocketbac - Everyone and their dog has been getting sick recently and I refuse to fall under the winter cold spell. Essential to keeping healthy is keeping my hands clean. I take a bus twice a day, five days a week and that means I am touching a lot of handles, door knobs, escalators, bus poles and bus seats. It is imperative for me to have hand sanitizer with me at all times. I use it when I get off the bus, when I get into my office, when I leave the office, when I hop off the bus, anytime I know I'm touching something that can't be clean. Not only does it make me feel a lot better to know I have clean hands, but the smell of these little bad boys is incredible. Want a quick scent trip to a tropical island, then try out their Island Margarita scent. 

Chanel Chance Eau de Toilette - I have missed having a signature scent! I have been jumping around with scents for the last couple months now and I just couldn't find one to call my own. Thankfully, right around Christmas, my parents had the good thought to give me the largest bottle of Chance known to man, 5 fl oz in one giant bottle! It used to be an old favorite of mine and one spritz later, it became my absolute new favorite. It is super long wearing and I love that my bf totally associates that  scent with me, even when I am not around.

Curly Kale Caesar Salad - This is kinda an odd one, but lately I have been completely obsessed with curly kale ceasar salads. I have always loved caesar salads, but I was never a big fan of the somewhat watery romaine or iceberg lettuce used in the salad. I wanted something a little healthier with a bit more green to it. Thus adding the super green, vitamin packed curly leaves in lieu of the watery ones made it become my new best friend. My absolute favorite sunday night dinner is the curly kale caesar salad and garlic bread from one of my fav. spots in the city, Starbelly.

Hunger Games Book Series - I can't believe I had never read this series! Seriously though, sooooo good. As soon as I picked up the first book, I seriously couldn't put it down. I finished all three books in a manner of days. It was the perfect series to pick up after I finished reading the Divergent series. I am quite enjoying the Dystopian young adult novel phase I am in with books right now. I even re-watched all three hunger games movies after I finished the series and I can't wait for the last movie to finally be released. I need more mockingjay!

Tarte Lipsurgence Matte Lip Tint - I can feel Spring slowly making its way to us with the warmish weeks of Winter we have been having in San Francisco. With Spring's iminent arrival comes the arrival of the Spring lip colors, like pinks and corals. I pulled out an all Tarte favorite of mine in the shade Lively. It's a beautiful hot pink lip tint that goes on like a balm and leaves your lips with a nice tingly mint sensation. Everytime I put it on, it makes me feel like skipping through a Spring meadow of flowers. It just screams bright sunshine and gorgeous colors. 

Name a February favorite of your own in the comments below!


  1. Love all your ideas, especially the Hunger Games. I just can't seem to like kale though, and I know it is the most popular ingredient at the moment, but Im hoping something knew will come along soon :)

  2. I love the Hunger Games series! I read them all in just a few days too. Now we own the whole set and I, trying to get my husband to read them. He's seen all the movies with me already.

  3. I realllyyyy want to start reading the hunger games! I just can never get back into reading! But, I also love that chanel perfume-- it has been a staple for me for so long:)

  4. I love the Hunger Games! You might enjoy The Maze Runner series or the Matched series if you are digging dystopian books! I recommend both series to my students who love the Hunger Games!


  5. I totally want to try that that lip tint now! I'm glad you found a new sig scent, I've been wearing Jadore Dior forever but am loving Tory Burch's first fragrance and am thinking of making the switch :). Have a great weekend!

  6. Ooh love these! Especially the Bath & Body Works pocketbac! That is one of my favorite scents :)
    XO Amanda
    Affordable by Amanda

  7. I love the LipSurgence colors too! I can't wait to try out the matte formula!


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