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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

To go on a daily run, I definitely need fun workout clothes to get me in the spirit. It's not inspiring enough for me to go out in the same shorts and shirts everyday. A bit of spunk in my workout clothes does a great job of motivating me to get me in gear. So much so that I was able to beat my record from last week! For this week's Get Up And Go progress, I was able to keep myself going to 1.5 miles! I'm quite proud of my beating my old record, even if it is kinda small relative to other runners. I think my favorite part is the high I'm getting from a bit more exercise. The whole thing about exercise giving you endorphins is definitely true. You go Elle Woods! It puts me in such a happy mood for the rest of my day and helps me release some of the stress that has been piling up recently.

My Garmin watch does a killer job tracking my progress during my runs. It keeps tabs on my pace, heart rate and calories burned. 
I have been obsessed with Krass & Co shorts for quite awhile now. I love how unique each pair is and how I know I'll never run by another girl with the same pattern. So preppy and fun, they are totally my style. I especially adore these Limited Edition College Prepster shorts, created in collaboration with one of my favorite bloggers, Carly of The College Prepster. They have this adorable little glasses design on the side and they are ridiculously comfortable to boot. They definitely add a bit more fun to my daily run.
All teched out, thanks to Staples, with my Garmin Forerunner watch that helps keep me on track during my runs and my FitBit One that is perfect for keeping a record of my everyday exercise. Also, I have to admit that working out is more fun when I get to put on this comfy Birchbox tee that never fails to give me a glowing compliment. Good Morning Gorgeous indeed! I have been loving this collaboration with Staples supporting the #GetUpAndGo campaign to raise awareness for American Heart Month. It's definitely helped me to get out and get my heart pumping! Hopefully, I can continue beating my own records.
Shirt // Shorts // Sports Bra // Shoes // Garmin Forerunner (c/o Staples) // Fitbit One (c/o Staples)


  1. I like how bright your shoes are and those shorts are super cute! I find that I also get more motivated when I enjoy the workout clothes I'm wearing.

  2. Clothes are totally like 85% of my motivation to workout!

  3. I'm with you on this, fun workout clothes make such a difference! Good job on getting up and doing your daily runs. It takes so much discipline!

  4. I love those shorts, i have read a few posts on running today and each one is motivating me more and more. Love those trainers too


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