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Afternoon Tea at the Palace

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

The Palace Hotel has to be my favorite hotel in the city. The hotel itself gives off a very 'old San Francisco' vibe and by that I mean glamorous and decadent. I have been a frequent visitor to the wood paneled Pied Piper bar, but I have never had the High Tea at the Garden Court. When my boyfriend suggested we make a reservation for the upcoming Saturday, I was over the moon excited. I  am an avid tea drinker, but with high tea, I find that I love the formality and bite size treats more than anything. It is such a fun way to take a time out from your day to enjoy a meal in a different way. We choose the "Tea for Two'' service which included the Garden Court Signature Tea Service along with two small bottle of champagne, a brut for the savories and a rosé for the sweets.

When I say grand and glamorous, you can see how I would think that from these shots of the Garden Court. This room is simply magnificent with its grand chandeliers and domed ceiling. We even had a harpist playing softly next to us as we sipped on our tea. 
As for the actual tea, My boyfriend chose the Legacy Blend tea, made with rose, golden bergamot and creamy vanilla. It's actually blended exclusively for the Palace Hotel and you can buy a tin of it at the hotel. I must say my boyfriend definitely made the better choice with the tea. It was a delicious floral tea with a light hint of vanilla. I chose the Masala Black Tea Chai, which was a tasty spiced tea, but was definitely not as good the Legacy Blend. As Chai teas go, it was pretty basic.
There was a great selection of savory sandwiches to go with our mini bottle of Brut champagne and different teas. From left to right, we had a Black Forest Ham & Cheese on a mini croissant, a Chicken Curry Mousse on a toasted baguette, a Scallion Black Sesame Crepe, A Roulade of Salmon and an Asparagus & Egg on buttermilk bread. My favorite had to be the Salmon Roulade, but the Black Forest Ham & Brie cheese was definitely a close second. I just loved how bite sized everything was. I got to try a couple tastes of each without overdoing it on any one item.
With the sweets selection came the bottle of Rosé champagne. I do love my pink champagne!
There were seven different selections of sweets to taste from, way too many to remember them all, but they were all completely delicious. I loved how they came in on this little tiered display. It made it so much fun to decide which to try next. One of my favorites had to be the chocolate strawberry, which is a classic, but it just went so darn well with the pink champagne.
If you are on the fence about trying out a tea service somewhere, I urge to go right now and do it! It was so much fun to take some time out of the day for a bit of quiet and 'us' time, plus tasting all the savories and sweets was such an excitement. I'm definitely planning on trying out a few other tea services around the city very, very soon!


  1. This place looks amazing! Presentation sure sets the mood, doesn't it?

  2. This looks like SO much fun! I would love to go for a proper tea service one day. Especially one that includes champagne! =)

  3. This looks fabulous! I am so jealous! This is now on my bucket list!
    xo, Kyla - KyMarieC


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