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RocksBox Jewelry Love

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Subscription boxes and beautiful jewelry make such an awesome combination and my particular favorite in this category has to be RocksBox! RocksBox is a subscription jewelry rental service that charges a once a month flat fee to send you unlimited pieces of high end jewelry. They charge $19 per month for a selection of personalized pieces to fit your specific style. You can opt for glam statement pieces or delicate everyday minimal, whatever the style, they have gorgeous pieces that you will definitely want to try. When they reached out to me to try out their service for three months, it was a total resounding yes! 
Personally, I feel like it is such a cool way to add a bit of flair to my everyday work wear. I have a couple statement pieces here and there, but I am so picky when it comes to jewelry and I am always hesitant to buy a piece if I can't ensure that I will wear it with a bunch of different outfits. This is the perfect solution for that. I filled out my style profile and picked a bunch of pieces that I thought I would enjoy wearing. Then, my rockin' RocksBox stylist personally picked three pieces based on my wish list and pieces that she thought I would enjoy. I can wear the pieces wherever I want for as long as I want, there is no need to return them by a certain date. In fact, if I like a piece too much to return it, I can buy it at an exclusive members only price. Once I want to switch up the look, I simply pack up the pieces in the provided slips and send them back. Once they are received, my stylist will set to work picking out three new pieces for me! It's like having access to an endless closet of beautiful jewelry to wear each day. 
I love that you see your name as soon as you own the box. It makes me feel like they really picked the box just for me!
I simply love the Loren Hope necklace they put in my first selection. It is such a gorgeous and vibrant statement piece. I really can't wait to wear it out and shine a bit more brightly.
If you are interested in trying out RocksBox, use the code: redheadlovesxoxo to get your first month free!


  1. LOVE rocksbox. It's such a fun subscription. I'm on my second box and currently in LOVE with the Druzy ring they sent me. I'm trying to get all my friends to sign up using my code so I can keep it, hahaha!

  2. Love that personalized touch! I am in need of jewelery and will be checking this out for sure!

  3. Love this!! Sounds like a great bargain. I wonder how quick their turnaround is after you send the jewelry back in?

    1. I would say really quick! I sent my jewelry back Monday and I just got an email saying my new set has shipped!


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