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Spring Break Packing

Thursday, March 5, 2015

I wish I was actually packing a bag ready to hit the beach for Spring Break, but unfortunately you don't just get a week off in March out in the real world. So, to combat my Spring Break-less woes, I created this fantastic list for some of the items I would be packing if I were headed out to some fun and sun. A good swimsuit is definitely key and I think this anchor pattern swimsuit from J.Crew is just so cute and so nautical. Another item that would definitely be on my list is a Baggu 3D Zip bag. These things are so handy when it comes to packing because it can carry practically anything from your favorite pair of night out heels, your delicates, your swim suit and cover up, your makeup and a whole lot more. I also love that they come in really exciting prints and patterns and that they are soo easy to wash. When it comes to packing for Spring Break, multi-tasking makeup items like the Jose Maran Cheek & Lip Stain are totally essential. This tiny little container of color can work both as a blush and tinted lip stain, which gives you the perfect amount of color when you transition from the beach to a fun dinner out. 
Another great item to have in your bag is a dress up/dress down dress. You can wear it for a quick run around the town with a pair of cute flip flops or out to a nicer dinner with a clutch and pair of heels. I love the pattern on this dress. It just totally sums up Spring and Spring Break for me! I also find it necessary to pack the perfect Spring Break scent when I travel, something that just evokes that feeling of being on a tropical vacation. For that, I really love Bath & Body Works Coconut Lime Fragrance Mist and their Coconut Lime Body Lotion. After getting back from the beach and showering, I lather and spray myself with these to stay in that beachy vaca mood. Plus, after a ton of exposure to the sun, you'll definitely need to stay moisturized. Speaking of sun exposure, a pale girl like myself needs to be encased in SPF 24/7 and my go to essentials kit for that is the Supergoop City & Sand Sunscreen Travel Tote. This little kit has everything you need to keep the UV rays at bay. I especially love the sunscreen serum under my daily makeup and the spf 30 mint fusion lip balm because even your lips need some spf protection. Lastly, I think it's incredibly essential to have the perfect pair of sandals for Spring Break and any and all other vacations. You need a pair that you can dress up or down because sometimes you'll never know where you'll be heading. These Neon Jack Rogers Sandals are the perfect shoes for that. Made of leather and neon stitching, these are the best mix to dress up or down an outfit. Plus, they are super comfy! Check out some of my other Spring Break packing essentials below. 

Are you headed somewhere for Spring Break or do you just wish you were like me? Share in the comments below!


  1. I absolutely love that dress! Floral print is a favorite for spring and summer:) I need a vacation now!

  2. Those are some of the cutest selections. I am loving that swimsuit.

  3. Yes please! I wish we could have a mandatory spring break from the real world :)

  4. OMG theres literally nothing I'm not loving here. That dress is to die for! xxx

  5. Great list! Sorry you don't get to go anywhere. The real world is overrated!! ;)

  6. I cannot get over how cute that suitcase is!


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