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St. Patrick's Day Outfit Ideas

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Saint Patrick's Day is coming up soon and I have definitely been delving into my closet trying to choose the best combination of green shades to wear for the occasion. It all really depends on what you'll be doing to celebrate the holiday. If you're headed to a nice dinner with family or friends, you may want to opt for Outfit #1 with a nice green dress and accompanying green striped Kate Spade purse and demure cream heels. If you're day pub-hopping with the gang, it may be best to dress a little more low key with Outfit #2. I absolutely love the festive tank from Target and green converse. The headband is such a fun accessory to add, showcasing a bit of a playful side. Whether you're headed out or staying in, you should always be wearing some piece of green on March 17th!
Outfit 1 - Dress // Purse // Heels
Outfit 2 - Top // Shorts // Sneakers // Headband


  1. Perfect! These outfits are cute without being too over the top! I love that tank top!

  2. Love both of these! Outfit 1 for night and outfit 2 for the day! Perfect!

  3. Great ideas! I have been meaning to figure out what to wear for Saint Patrick's Day. I have never really celebrated before but this year I am going out with friends (bar hopping most likely haha)


  4. Cute! I'm putting this in my blogger love post today!


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