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My Favorite Etsy Sticker Shops

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

I've been going through a bit of obsession lately with two things. My Erin Condren Life Planner and all of the stickers I've been buying to decorate it. Seriously, my boyfriend laughs because everyday there are just packets and packets of stickers in the mail for me and I can never tell him that those will be the only ones. They are just too much fun! I've been loving discovering new Etsy planner shops everyday and finding new sticker set favorites. Lately, since I have a bunch of trips to Disneyland coming up, I have been on the hunt for super cute Disney sticker sets to put me in that ultra excited Disney mood. One of my favorite sets have come from Planner Candy Designs, who designed Disney quote stickers that fit perfectly into my Erin Condren planner. I also just discovered and, of course, purchased these adorable Mickey Mouse shape themed stickers from Mila Print Shop. They are the perfect size and shape to help me really get into the Disney spirit. Aside from celebrating trips and vacations, I have been using the planner to remind myself to get things done, big and small. I have sticker flags from Oh So Pretty Planner that help me remember to plan blog posts for the coming weeks and the cutest Lush themed stickers from Alex Studio to help me remember to take a break once in a while for a little me time Lush baths. I have also been completely addicted to the stickers that come from Sweet Kawaii Design. All of her stickers are completely adorable and you always feel like the stickers are smiling up at you, which sounds weird, but definitely makes me a little happier. 
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  1. Number 6 and 5 would be great for my planner! I'll have to look into to buying some :) And the Disney princess ones are so cute!!

  2. I love the cute little martini glasses! Check out Creating & Co on Etsy- that's my fave!


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