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My Favorite Video Games

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

This may be a post that only some can enjoy so feel free to skip it if you are not someone who enjoys a good video game now and then. Lately, I have found myself totally addicted to taking a bit of time at the end of my days to kick back and play one of the games below. I've been a tad stressed as of late and all of my usual de-stresser standbys just haven't been working as well as they used to. My boyfriend heard me talking about how much I used to love to play video games in college with friends so he got it in his head to go out and buy an Xbox 360 and a slew of video games to help me relax. Weird, but it totally seems to work! It's especially fun on the days when we get to play some of the games together. 
Games like the Halo series or even Toy Story Mania are perfect for playing on teams or even for a little friendly versus competition. Halo is all about the fighting to save the planet from invading aliens so it's fun to play that together as a team. Toy Story Mania is based off the awesome Disney California Adventure ride. It's similar to an arcade game where you try to hit the moving targets to get as many points as you can! I love playing that against my boyfriend to see who wins although, it's usually him. When it's just me, I love to play a bit of Disneyland Adventure. It's a great depiction of walking around the park and helping out the characters with fun tasks and getting on the 'rides' for a little adventure. It never fails to help me get excited for my next trip to Disneyland (which is next week)! 
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Are you a fan of playing video games? Share your favorites with me in the comments below!


  1. My husband and I like to play video games too :) One I love to play together is the Lego Star Wars games, you guys should try them!

  2. I love video games, but can't play them to save my life. When I played Halo I lost because I kept accidentally killing myself haha. Now I just stick to watching other people play or using the Wii Sports.

  3. Awesome! I love the older RPGs like Final Fantasy and Chrono Trigger.

  4. I love playing Sims. I think we all have a little geek in us :)

  5. I used to love playing Everquest! I also worked in games for a while, so it's been really nice to get an old PS2 and play a game I worked on with my kids :)

  6. And I agree, some games can be a great way to relax, like a change of scene!

  7. I love playing Civilization video game on my Laptop (before it died)...can't wait to play it AGAIN and conquer the WORLD :) Great review by the way!

    Ursula, aka Blueridge Beauty

  8. Toy Story Mania!? YESS! I think my record of riding it at Disney World is 3 times in one trip (darn those long lines!) I can't wait to ride it over and over when I'm at Disneyland next month. I haven't played the video game version yet but if it's anything like the ride/game at Disney I know I'll LOVE IT <3


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