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Time To Wake

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Wakey, wake eggs and bakey! Waking up every morning always means the same thing for me, the start of my mourning routine. I have always liked having a routine that signals it's time for me to get up and ready to go. It may seem weird, but sticking to my routine definitely helps me wake up happier in the mornings. It starts off by waking up a comfy pair of pj's, like this super cute anchor top and bottom set from J.Crew factory. I am totally obsessed with J.Crew's pajama sets. They have such great styles and patterns and make me feel put together, even when I'm asleep. After waking up, albeit usually a bit groggy, I head to the kitchen to fix myself a glass of cold water to help wake up my insides and give my metabolism a morning jump start. Then, I grab my phone and head to the bathroom for my morning skincare routine. This includes lighting my current favorite morning candle, Lemon Mint Leaf, from Bath & Body Works and starting up my morning Spotify playlist. With my morning skincare routine comes a blast of my favorite misting toner from Evian. It does a great job waking you up, no matter how sleepy you might be. After makeup and a quick brush through of my hair, I like to spritz on The Body Shop's Satsuma Body Mist. One of my all time favorite citrus scents, it does a great job of making me feel just that more awake. Last, but certainly not least on my list, coffee. My boyfriend makes me coffee every morning to take with me to work and I feel like it's just that much better when it's made my him, made with love and all. Occasionally, when I have enough time to have a cup at home, it's almost always in my hidden Owl mug. I never fail to find amusement in finding the owl in the bottom of my cup.

What are some of your morning essentials? Share with me in the comments!


  1. After waking up for the 2nd time if its cold, shower with a citrus soap or gel to wake up! Good breakfast with either hot tea or chocolate!

  2. I like having a morning routine too! Those J.Crew pajamas are so cute! And, that candle looks really pretty :)

  3. The lemon mint leaf is one of my favorite scents! And those pajamas are really cute.

  4. Those pajamas are so cute! I'm looking for a fun shorts sleep set like that!


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