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Loren Hope Rocksbox Obsession

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

One of my new summer obsessions in the realm of jewelry has to be the subscription jewelry service Rocksbox. Just in case you hadn't heard, Rocksbox is a subscription jewelry rental service that charges a monthly flat fee to send you unlimited pieces of high end jewelry. They charge you $19 per month for a selection of personalized pieces that fit your style. I've been testing out the service for the last couple of months and I have been absolutely loving it!
 What's in my Box:
Loren Hope Blythe necklace in Crystal
Robyn Rhodes Agate Spear Cuff in Black
Perry Street Chelsea Earrings
My favorite piece in the most recent Rocksbox was the Loren Hope Blythe necklace in Crystal. I've had so many little events to go to lately that this was the perfect necklace to throw on to glam up any of my outfits. In fact, I'm always pretty obsessed with every Loren Hope piece that I've ever gotten in one of my boxes. They are incredibly beautiful pieces and range from statement to delicate. The Perry Street earrings did a great job to complement the crystal necklace.

If you want to try out RocksBox for yourself, get your first month free with code: redheadlovesxoxo


  1. A jewelry subscription box?! How cool!

  2. The necklaces is just gorgeous!!

  3. My June Rocksbox should be here any day and I have some Lauren Hope on my #wishlist!


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