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The Rotunda Tea Time

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Recently, I've become totally obsessed with High Teas. It seems like the perfect time out from a long day and a great excuse to spend the afternoon somewhere beautiful, sipping on delicious tea and eating an array of tasty little bites. So far I have sipped Afternoon Tea at both the Palace Hotel and The Rotunda at Neiman Marcus and I can't wait to try out even more spots. To read more about my trip to the Palace, check it out here. My most recent High Tea outing though took me to the beautiful Rotunda Restaurant at Neiman Marcus in Union Square. Located four floors up in the Neiman Marcus store, its windows directly face a section of San Francisco's Union Square. Thankfully, we got a table right by the windows so we got to enjoy the afternoon sun with our tea. 
The top of the Rotunda restaurant has a beautiful stained glass depiction of a sailboat on the sea. 
Our High Tea selection came with six different kinds of finger sandwiches, some delicious sugared scones and a selection of tasty petit fours. My favorite from the savory section definitely has to be the cucumber sandwich. It was light and airy and went splendidly with my tea. From the sweets, I've never been able to resist a tasty fruit tarte, especially with strawberries coming right into season.  
We got a beautiful table facing the window so we could see both inside the restaurant, which was excellent people watching, and see outside to the view of Union Square.
So many delicious things to eat that I was insanely full afterwards and definitely needed a bit of walking around. Thankfully, it was a beautiful day to do just that. I am definitely going to keep trying out tea services in the city. They make for such a fun and relaxing afternoon outing!


  1. It looks amazing. I would like to go their one day

  2. Wow, I would definitely go here after a shopping break at Neimen Marcus!! I love tea!!

    Ursula aka Blueridge Beauty


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