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Sunday Afternoon

Monday, June 29, 2015

I spent my Sunday afternoon at a beautiful rooftop in downtown San Francisco at a party for the StyleIt app. Style It is a personal styling assistant app. that can help you coordinate your day-to-day outfits, basically imagine the dream closet from Clueless. They had a bunch of bloggers on the rooftop of the Cova hotel to test out their new app. and to spread the word.

I spent the afternoon with my sister as my plus one to the event.  We always have a ton of fun together and she's always the best about helping to mingle with new bloggers. We decided to mix and match our outfits, going with our own red, white and blue theme for the upcoming holiday. I went red while she went blue!

We were SUPER hungry after the event so we figured out a way to bypass the Pride parade traffic (it was crazy!) and grabbed some delicious Italian at one of our favorite restaurants in North Beach. Seriously, if you're planning a trip to SF, you need to hit Original Joe's for some tasty homemade pastas. 

What were you guys up to this weekend? Share with me in the comments below!


  1. Has anyone ever told you you like Isla Fisher? That dress is too cute.

    1. Hahaha! I was think the same thing :)

      Ursula aka Blueridge Beauty

  2. Wait. You live in SF??? I live in Mountain View!

  3. Hi Brenda! Thanks for coming to our event. It was great to meet you! I hope your sister liked the prize she won!

  4. Brenda here as well! Love the pictures - San Francisco is my #2 favorite city (LA is #1 of course :) ) I will have to check out this gorgeous rooftop next time I'm there!

    À LA PLAGE style

  5. I know this coming weekend I will be enjoying 4th of July with my family and friends in Lynchburg, VA but will have plenty of food, AC when necessary, arts and crafts, and fireworks thanks to Hillcats Stadium!

    Ursula aka Blueridge Beauty


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