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It's Snack Time

Thursday, July 16, 2015

I'm like...SUPER into snacks. I hardly ever have time to eat a full and proper meal during the day. To be fair, I prefer to eat small snacks throughout the day anyway. It definitely helps to keep my energy up! The issue I always seem to have though is finding the right amount of snacks with the right amount of nutrition to make them both healthy and delicious. I've rounded up some awesome snack boxes that are the best kind of combination. 
1. Good Habit Box - This is a totally new subscription box for me, but I love that it has a bunch of options. It's not just snacks, but also breakfast oatmeals, teas and even power smoothies. It's definitely the epitome of setting up good habits. The combination of smoothies, snacks and teas will definitely keep you happy and full for a good long while. 
2. Nourish Snacks - I love Nourish Snacks when I'm looking for a bit of fun variety. They have a ton of variation with their snacks and they are really, really tasty. I love to get the variety pack and toss a couple snacks into my purse for on the go. 
 3. Graze Box - If you're looking for portion control, then you definitely need to sign up for a Graze box. They have a million snacks and they are all in portion controlled small boxes that actually fit inside your mailbox. I've always hated heading to the post office when I miss a package so I'm glad this one is thin enough to fit inside my mailbox slot. 
4. Nature Box - This is my favorite snack box for trips! Big bags of tasty treats that will totally keep you from going stir crazy in long car rides. This way no one has to deal with getting hangry. 

What's your favorite kind of snacks? Share with me in the comments below!


  1. My favorite kind of snack is chips. I hate saying that as I look at your healthy list of snacks! Chips are a bad habit I need to break. Nature Box looks yummy. I think I'll try the free trial! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love granola as a snack! Although I like to add some unhealthy stuff like chocolate chips. =P

  3. I've tried Nature Box and Graze and I have to say Nature Box is my favorite because of the size of the snacks and resealable bags!

    xo, Chelsie @ Life with Rosie

  4. Haven't tried Nourish yet but I've been seeing it everywhere! Graze also really intrigues me.


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