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Thursday, August 13, 2015

My phone is basically my lifeline. I'm on it basically 24/7; it's the first thing I grab in the morning and the last thing I check at night. Even if I'm not using it, it's always nearby and I'm constantly on the lookout for great new apps to make my life a little bit easier.
I have all the usual favorites: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, but I've also got some other apps. that do wonders for making my life a bit easier.
Snapseed // My favorite app for editing photos. It's great for me because I can do tiny tweaks just to brighten it up or make it a bit sharper to get the look I'm going for. My favorite tweak is adding a bit of ambiance to my photos to just give them  a bit more color and light.
1Password // If you are someone who can never seem to remember their password for anything and end up resetting them more times than you would like, then you NEED to get the 1password app. You  can add in every login you have to the application and it will be a million times easier to log in when you need it. I'm constantly getting booted out of my HBOGO and my password is crazy long so being able to quickly use my fingerprint to log into my 1password app and being able to easily copy/paste the login has removed all of that forgotten password stress.
Square Cash // I hate trying to figure out the check at the end of the meal, who owes what and how to transfer the cash. Square cash makes it so much easier to quickly and easily transfer an exact amount to a friend whenever I need to. It's a totally free app. and great for splitting tabs at a bar or paying your half of a restaurant check.
Instacart // I have been ridiculously busy lately and have zero time to shop for normal things like groceries. It means I have been eating out... a lot and, besides that's it's just healthier to eat at home, I definitely miss the taste of home cooked food. Instacart helps me solve the time dilemma when it comes to getting groceries. I can order anything and everything I need from Safeway, Costco, Mollie Stone's, etc. and have it delivered to me on any day I need at almost any time. I love perusing through the app. and being able to stock up on all my dessert/snack/frozen food favorites and have them delivered to me when I have a bit of time. I never have to miss my favorite ice cream sandwiches again!
RueLaLa // Another huge time saver when it comes to my online shopping is RueLaLa. I don't always have time to shop on my computer, but the app. makes it easy to scroll through the deals of the day and checkout is even easier. I never have to miss out on a cute new shoe, dress or top!
My Fitness Pal // I've been working harder on eating healthy lately and this app. definitely helps. I can input my calories for the day and it syncs with my fitbit app to also calculate my exercise adjustment. It's good for keeping me accountable for what I eat so I know when I shouldn't reach for that extra cookie... or when I can!

What apps are your favorites?


  1. I always use Snapseed! I love its Vintage effect! I'll check out the rest.

  2. the saying goes "There is an app for that!" By the end of the year, I hope I will have upgraded my phone and be on the app wagon!

    Ursula aka Blueridge Beauty

  3. Hmm. I've never heard of any of these before. I did hear of Square, but not Square cash. It's cool to see how everyone uses different apps and does different things.

  4. I'm crazy about ice cream sandwiches too ;) - but unfortunately instacart isn't available in my city yet :( - I do use a few of these, though!


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