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Where do you work best?

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

There is nothing quite as awful as being in the middle of working on something important and having the internet go out all of a sudden. This is exactly happened at my office last week. Without a lot of warning, Comcast had to cut the internet to our whole block to fix an electrical issue they were having. And just like that, the whole office went into a little bit of chaos.

There isn't a lot you can actually get done without wifi. We learned that the hard way and all started making immediate plans for how to get back online. It clearly wasn't going to get done at the office so we made our way to coffee shops, other offices or, like me, headed home to work from there. As soon as I got back to my apartment, I grabbed a quick bite to go at my little coffee shop next door and settled down to business.

It was crazy, but after that, I got an insane amount of work done in a short span of time. I'm not sure if it was because of my comfy seat on the couch, the netflix that was playing in the background or the comfortable feeling of just being home, but I sailed through my tasks for the day and even got a bunch done for the rest of the week.

It got me thinking about where/how people work best? Is it with music? At a desk? On the couch? In bed? For me, I prefer the couch and a whole lot of background noise. I can work with music, but for some reason I prefer to listen to old episodes of The Office or Scrubs or something I have seen a million times over. I never need to watch it, but listening to it just keeps me in the zone. Also, I just can't work in bed. I get too cozy and immediately want to take a nap, but somehow the couch doesn't do that. I set myself up with my laptop, a little tray for my coffee and a pillow and I can get a crazy amount of work done in a short amount of time. I don't know what it is, but I just get in the work zone during those days. While most of my days are better spent at the office, once in a while, a work from home day is great for getting through an intense workload in a comfy space.

Where do you work best? Share with me in the comments below!


  1. It's such a drag without wifi! Last time we were out I went through and cleaned out my computer (yikes) so it was actually a good thing and I work best early in the morning in my pj's and with a cup of coffee at my home office.

  2. Hmm I think the couch, comfy and relaxing, but not too relaxing that I will fall asleep!

  3. I get more down sitting at my desk in my office chair than I could ever get done on the couch or in the bed.

  4. I got lots done on the couch but I also love working at a coffee house too even though I don't drink coffee :)

  5. I work best with classical music playing, if its really upbeat / Top40s music I just can't focus

  6. I work best in the morning in a quiet place where I can be alone with my thoughts. No music (or screaming kids), por favor!

  7. I work best in the afternoon. I love working to Pandora. It really helps me. I converted a closet into a office. I work there best.

  8. If I am thinking, its in my bedroom! But if I want to get work done involving digital is at my Mom's computer desk!

    Ursula aka Blueridge Beauty

  9. First off, love the photo <3 that coffee looks so yummy and i love all the navy. For me, it depends on the task. As a journalist when I'm doing intense or serious work, its got to be quiet, at my desk in my home office, maybe some light instrumental music playing. When I'm blogging, photo editing or working on networking promotion I'm like you, Netflix with my favorite show, comfy couch and a yummy treat!


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