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Valentine's day Gifts for Her

Sunday, January 31, 2016

While Valentine's Day can mean picking out a gift for your guy, It's also a great time to show your friends a little love, or maybe even yourself. Seriously, you deserve it. Whether you're picking out a little something, something for yourself of for a good friend, here are some great Valentine's Day picks.
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Boden Must Have Tunic

Thursday, January 21, 2016

I really love when I find a dress that I love so much, I feel that I have to buy it almost every color. That's definitely been the case with this 'must have tunic' from Boden clothing. It's been raining like crazy for the last few weeks so finding outfits that make me feel cosy at home and at work have been so necessary lately. This dress totally fits the bill with fitted shape, draped jersey fabric and 3/4 length sleeve.

Since there was a sudden break in the rain, I opted to grab coffee in my favorite suede Sawyer boots from J.Crew Factory. I love shoes that require no breaking and are comfy right off the bat.  

The prints on these dresses are so cute. The dark horses running all over the dress always remind me that song 'wild horses'. The dress also comes in a sparrows print for all the bird lovers. 
This purse has become my new go-to for long workdays/work weekends where I might need to drag around my laptop, my notebooks, planners, coffee cup, a book or two and maybe a few snacks, (basically my whole life in a bag). The bag definitely has the appeal of helping me look more put together when I'm heading into work.
Dress // Shoes // Purse (old, similar)

Valentine's Day Gifts for Him

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

I know, it can seem a little bit early to be thinking of February and Valentine's Day, but it seems to creep up on me so quickly so I like to think ahead, especially when it comes to gifting for you guy. I usually have an idea in the back of my head of something that I know he would love so it's all about picking the perfect one.

Last year, I went for cheesy and romantic and got him a customized throw pillow that was covered with Instagram memories of us, from our first concert together to our first weekend away. Totally cheesy, but I love giving it a look when I've had a hard day so it's like a little gift to me too! This year, I think I want to focus on something that goes along with his passions, like photography or food. I think you also can't go wrong with getting him something he'll use everyday like a coffee mug, cologne or scarf. Every time he sips from that mug or smells that cologne, he'll think of you. 

Check out a few of the gifts that I've been thinking about:

Weekend in Lake Tahoe

Sunday, January 17, 2016

I spent last weekend at one of my favorite hotels in Tahoe, Basecamp. My birthday was coming up so my boyfriend J.P. and I decided that the weekend before was the perfect time to get out of the city and celebrate a little early. Tahoe is close enough that we can make a quick weekend trip without needing to plan too far ahead. We jumped in the car Friday night and made it up before midnight. 

What I love about this hotel is that it's great both for frequent skiers who want to be up early and out on the slopes and is also great for the snow bunnies who want to relax and enjoy the snowy view. Since J.P. and I were still getting over some holiday colds, we opted to both be snow bunnies and just enjoy the winter weather. We packed a bunch of books, packs of cards, our favorite snacks and made sure to download a few new movies. 
The aesthetic of the hotel is definitely hipster and I love it. We went up the year previous and we're happy to hear about their new expansion, which included a whole new beer garden and patio. With outdoor firepits, indoor ping pong table and a tasty menu of beer and brats, it was the perfect spot for us to spend the day. 

The beer garden has these big windows so I got to spend the day watching excited kids have an epic snowball fight, seeing the flurries fall and killing it at ping pong. 

Not a bad view for a Saturday morning in the snow. The hotel is right by Heavenly so it's perfect for all the skiers/boarders out there. They have a continental breakfast with belgian waffles, oatmeal, toast and granola, but they also have a small breakfast menu too.
Saturday evening and the beer garden was a little loud for me to read, but I still wanted to enjoy a glass of wine so I opted to head into the main lobby of the hotel which has huge, comfy couches, a cozy fireplace and its own little bar. I grabbed a glass of red wine and settled in to finish my book. Looking to relax, this was absolutely the perfect setting for me.
I definitely can't wait to head back for another relaxing weekend.

Snow Day

Sunday, January 10, 2016

I've been dying to get out of the city for months now, but with all of the holiday plans, it was definitely out of the question. That's why I was so excited to get a weekend away to spend in Tahoe with my favorite boyfriend. We drove up late on Friday night so Saturday was our one and only day to be out and about. Since we were still both recovering from some harsh colds, we opted to relax and just enjoy the snow. This meant I could opt out of ski pants and jackets in favor of something a little bit more fun.
Since the plan was to relax in the beer garden and do a bit of reading and maybe play a few rounds of cards, I threw on one of my coziest winter dresses. This navy blue and white striped dress is made of 100% wool so it was perfect for keeping me warm in the snowy weather. I actually couldn't believe that it was able to keep so warm while it was SO cold out (say hello to 25 degrees fahrenheit). Dress, I applaud you!
Since we were only in Tahoe for a day or two, I tried really hard not to overpack my suitcase with non-essential shoes. I opted to bring a pair of Sperry saltwater duck boots and my super packable red Hunter boots. I loved that I could roll these boots up quickly and that they only took up a small amount of space in my bag.
As if the dress wasn't cozy enough, I wanted to protect my ears and neck from the super chilly weather. I threw on a chunky knit infinity scarf from J.Crew factory (on sale now for $19)! I really want to pick up every color of this scarf, it's that comfy. It's the perfect winter accessory. This relaxing weekend away was just the ticket I needed to begin my week with renewed energy! Monday, I got you.
Dress // Scarf // Boots // Purse // Sunglasses 

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