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Spring Lipsticks

Monday, April 11, 2016

When the weather starts to get warm or, in San Francisco, less cold, I find myself itching to switch up every item in my makeup bag. I opt for brighter blushes, fun new shadows and a slew of new lip colors. Wallet, beware. I'm going for bolder, brighter, longer lasting shades that can work a full day and still look amazing. 

I could tell I had been on a major lipstick splurging kick recently when I found myself desperately needing an organizer in which I could stack and see (finally!) all the new shades I had. I went for this inexpensive option on Amazon and I'm already loving it. I finally can see all of my lip colors, have space for a few of my favorite skincare items and can also store a few of my favorite eyeshadow palettes in one place. I find that I'm actually going for more and more diversity in my daily looks because I can finally see more of what I own, including a million and one different and new lipstick shades. I've definitely been opting more to pinker shades, both bright and muted, transitioning to darker berry for nights out and long lasting tints for days that I already know are going to be long with little to no chance for a lipstick touchup. 

Check out a few lipstick shades that I have been using and loving lately while I celebrate all things Spring:


  1. The YSL shade looks beautiful and perfect for summer! I've been looking for another great pink shade to add to my collection!

  2. I love love love my YSL lipstick in Rouge Volupté Shine. They make such gorgeous pigments!


  3. These are all so pretty! The YSL lipstick looks beautiful- the coulour and packaging.

  4. The YSL lipsticks are my fave! So pretty!

  5. I love the Clinique chubby stick intense lip colors! I would love to try the YSL lipstick.

  6. HMM! Who isn't looking for a new spring lipstick? :)

  7. I'm definitely a huge lipstick junkie and am loving all your picks! Urban Decay in Streak is one of my all time favorites!

    xo Brie

  8. Loving the shade of pink of the YSL lipstick!!


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