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Take it Off Makeup Remover

Friday, May 20, 2016

I feel like there are a million and one new makeup removing wipes available now than the last time I looked. When I first discovered them, it just seemed like the best 'lazy girl' way to remove ALL of your makeup without having to go through 25 cotton pads at once. Now they have different scents, hydrating one, gentle ones, even biodegradable ones! I recently went out and bought a bunch of different makeup remover wipe backs from different brands to test out which ones would become my new go to. Check out some of the ones I'm trying below!

Seersucker Dress

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Once May finally hits, I feel like I can start storing all my winter clothes and start to pull out all of my warm weather favorites. I've definitely been online shopping like it's the middle of Summer so my sundresses are in huge supply right now. 

I think one of my newest favorite dresses is from this designer that I just discovered called Southern fRock. Their style totally reminds me of Lilly Pulitzer and it just makes me love that much more. I've never owned a seersucker dress before and now I can't imagine life without at least one. It's so light and breathable that it makes it perfect for any super hot day where you feel like you might get a little bit sweaty. 

I loved the vertical stripes and the fit and flare style was perfect for brunching about town. 

I think another reason I've been in love with this dress is the pockets! YES, how do dresses exist today that don't have pockets. It makes it so much easier to carry my phone and favorite lip color of the moment when I have a small pocket to throw it into. 

Dress (1, 2, 3, 4) // Kate Spade Purse // Tieks // Sunnies

Winetasting in Sonoma

Sunday, May 15, 2016

With the weather feeling more like a chilly February instead of mid May (WHICH IT IS),  I've been taking any excuse I can find to get out of the city and warm up my bones somewhere with a few more rays of sunshine.

Enter Sonoma. My sister, ever the fan of her red wines, has joined a couple wine clubs in the area and needed a partner in crime to head up there to pick up her seasonal shipment. So obviously, I pulled out my best wine-tasting dress, wedges and fav. pair of sunnies, ready to sip some vino and soak up some sun.  

Because it was so sunny and warm at the vineyard, I didn't really need a heavy jacket so I opted for a light jean jacket from Old Navy. I paired it with a dress that is from one of my new favorite brands, Mink Pink. This wrap up front dress was light and airy, making it perfect for the sunny weather, and has a snap front closure so I didn't need to worry about showing off too much.

The vineyard we ended up at was Trattore Farms. Not only do they have a  beautiful space and yummy wines, but they also make some BOMB olive oil. I'm not kidding, they're ridiculously good and they have a million different combinations. My two favorite are the blood orange olive oil and the jalapeƱo infused olive oil. It was a great opportunity to restock my supply.

MinkPink Striped Romper

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Now that the weather is getting warmer, I've definitely been stocking up some warm weather essentials for my spring/summer closet. And this weekend's 70+ weather gave me the perfect excuse to pull out one of my new favorite pieces and parade around. Stripes, blue and pockets, oh my!

When it comes to all things striped, my closet is chock full and I can never seem to get enough. Add a little bit of my favorite color (BLUE) and a few pockets and I can tell that this romper will definitely be a part of my daily uniform.

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